10 Chrome Extensions for Students

Need to study for a particular lesson in school? Perhaps you need to work on a research paper or project? Students who desire to pass all their subjects in school should complete everything that is required of them by their professors. Because of this reality, they do everything in order to accomplish all those projects, and the existence of the Internet and the advancement of technology has recently a very significant part of the lives of students worldwide.

If you still don’t know, Google Chrome actually created several extensions on how you, as a student, can efficiently work on your projects. It will even make your life easier! So here are 10 Chrome Extensions that you can utilize as you work on your projects in school.

Chrome Extensions

1. Google books

You can read any book using any device, and you can also read it anywhere – on or off campus. What’s best about this extension is that you can highlight important texts and also make notes regarding any discoveries you may encounter during your readings.

2. Things to do

Do you have the tendency to forget doing the things that you have to work on for school? There are actually several Chrome extensions that you can use! These are RemindMe, StickyNotes, and myHomework. What’s awesome about the last extension I listed is that it’s also available on Android and iPhone.

3. Cacoo

If you have a group project and you can’t have the time to meet and work together, do it virtually! Cacoo is an extension that lets you collaborate with your group mates on a real time. What’s good about the illustrations and/or diagrams that Caccoo allows you to create is that they can be edited by several people at the same time.

4. Split Screen

Of course, when we’re working on our school projects we don’t stick with one site; we frequently open multiple sites and compare and contrast the information we get for each sites. Split screen helps you by making your comparisons easier. The extension “splits the screen” so that you can easily check the sites that you’re using. It’s also best when you have to watch demo videos while working on your project.

5. Best for research papers

It’s a best practice for student researchers to quote and cite sources for their research papers, and for this Chrome offers Copy Without Formatting and GradeGuru Citation Manager Extensions. The former lets you copy texts without having to deal with document-wrecking formatting, which is perfect for quotation and gathering research/information. The latter will help you work on your references and citations correctly.

6. Box

Having a hard time looking for your files? You can store your documents in the cloud and viola! No need to worry for crashed hard drives! It has 5GB free storage.

7. The easy access

Read Later Fast lets you save links or tabs for quick access and the Session Buddy of Chrome Extension can save your current sessions.

8. Be a word worm!

Thesaurus and Google Dictionary is a big help for every student’s research paper. The former can help you look for synonyms and antonyms, while the latter can provide you the correct spelling and definition of a certain word.

9. Concentrate on your work

The Stay Focused extension blocks out sites that could kill your productivity, like Facebook and Twitter. It will only allow you to spend time with those types of websites for a limited time; when time is up, those sites will be blocked for the rest of the day. The Pomodoro Technique, on the other hand, will give you a 5-minute break period while working on your projects.

10. Memorize!

This is an Extension that lets you look for the stuff that you need to know to finish your project. You just have to enter a list of questions and answers for the topic that you have to work on. Questions will be asked until you are able to answer all of those.

These are only some of the several Chrome Extensions that you can utilize to be more effective in working on your projects. So if your projects are quite challenging for you and you need help in accomplishing those, just Chrome ‘em!

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